Simon the Last is an artist and designer from south London. His work is principally interested in the theme of legacy; how it defines the material world around us, shapes the stories that we tell ourselves, and its intersection with the queer experience. His practice also explores human-centred futurisms and technologies as a reaction against those proposed by capital forces, often focussing around our contemporary political moment and issues of social justice and class consciousness. 
His current practice evolved from a decade-long practice as a theatre director and filmmaker and, as a result, is often theatrical in nature - taking the form of an installation or an immersive experience. It aims to play a part in consciousness raising and agitating against hegemonic systems that hide in plain sight. As part of this, his work is made as accessible as possible, with alienating barriers removed to allow everybody to engage freely.
His recent works have been exhibited in a combination of group and solo shows across the UK, including the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, the Deptford X Festival fringe and the London Art Biennale.
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