A ten-minute audio work created solely from audio posted to the ‘ScreamDAO’ message board on Telegram.
During the crypto crash in summer 2022 the ‘ScreamDAO’ message board appeared on the Telegram messaging platform and encouraged people who had lost large sums of money on their crypto investments to vent their frustration by posting audio of them screaming, crying and howling. The result was an outpouring of misery as hundreds of people posted themselves screaming into the void or gently sobbing into their phones.
Today, news of the world of crypto, NFTs and other expressions of the web3 proposition has all but disappeared from the media. Where there was once a massive cohort of celebrities and wealthy elites queueing up to make as much noise as possible about their new ‘coin’, or promote their NFT series to pump up the value of their own investments, there is now a haunting silence. Thousands of ordinary people faced financial ruin and life-changing losses in what turned out to be a scam benefitting only a few at the top.
Wails from the Crypto was featured in Art Gene's On Repeat programme as well as being presented at Spike Island Studios as part of the Broadcasting Intimacy group show.

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