A site-specific light installation featuring 11 hanging LED shop signs.
Each sign reframes the emerging technology of today as something pedestrian and disposable. The piece questions our relationship with new technologies, our worship of tech oligarchs and the singular visions of the future they propose.
The piece imagines a future very different to the ones promised to us by Big Tech, and encourages us to ask ourselves what we hope to gain from technology, and who we allow to define this vision. Are the self-appointed architects of the future saving us from disaster, or are their innovations and disruptions only accelerating our demise? Are they moving us forward? Or are they leaving us exactly where we are?
The piece has had two solo installations, appearing on high streets in both Hoxton and Peckham. It has also appeared at the London Art Biennale and one of the signs was part of the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition in 2022.

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